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Orion Springfield Central

About Orion Springfield Central

Experience the epitome of contemporary shopping at Orion Springfield Central, where you can indulge in a variety of high-end retail options, delight in delectable cuisine at a range of restaurants, catch the latest blockbuster at the state-of-the-art movie theatre, and tick off your grocery list at a convenient location. This is truly a lively hub that caters to your every need.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind retail experience at Orion Springfield Central. This resort-style centre seamlessly blends the charm of a traditional town centre with a modern and carefully designed shopping environment unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. From fabulous food options to the latest in fashion and lifestyle, there’s something for everyone. But it’s not just about shopping – visitors can also enjoy entertainment, conduct business, and become part of a bustling, vibrant community. Come explore Orion Springfield Central and discover what makes it so much more than just a shopping destination.

Orion Springfield

What to do at Orion Springfield Central

Discover a family-friendly haven at Orion Springfield Central with an abundance of enticing eateries, shopping options, and a sprawling lagoon that’s sure to impress. Take a leisurely stroll along the walking paths or settle in for a bite to eat at one of the many cozy seating areas designed to accommodate everyone. With ample free parking and a welcoming atmosphere, this shopping centre is definitely worth a visit.

Discover a popular destination in Springfield called Orion Springfield Central that’s perfect for dining, catching up with friends, and taking the kids out for some fun. With both indoor and outdoor play areas for kids, it’s the ultimate family-friendly spot. Plus, there’s a library nearby for some educational entertainment. Get your taste buds ready for an array of restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisine. And if you’re in the mood for shopping, you’re in luck! Orion has got you covered. Don’t forget to cool off at the lagoon with its refreshing swimming options and endless opportunities for relaxation. There’s something for everyone at Orion Springfield Central.

Springfield Central

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Name: Patios Ipswich Specialists

Address: 12 Coolibah St, Silkstone QLD 4304

Phone: (07) 3463 3788