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The Workshops Rail Museum

About The Workshops Rail Museum

Discover the rich history of Australian rail transport at the Workshops Rail Museum, a heritage-listed former railway workshop in North Ipswich, Queensland. Boasting intricate architecture and skilled craftsmanship, this site was constructed over a century-long period from 1878 to the 1980s. Now known as the Workshops Rail Museum, it’s an exciting destination that takes you on a fascinating journey through the evolution of rail transport. Come and experience this important piece of Australia’s industrial past that still breathes life into the present day.

Step back in time and experience the history of Australia’s railways at The Workshops Rail Museum. Marvel at the A10, the oldest locomotive still in operation in the country, was built in 1865. Get an inside look at the inner workings of a diesel locomotive with the Deconstructed Diesel Locomotive exhibit. Take the driver’s seat in the Train Simulator and feel like a real locomotive engineer. See the luxurious Vice Regal Carriage, originally built in 1903 for the governor of Queensland and visiting royalty. Explore the largest model railway display in Queensland and let your imagination run wild with the Nippers Railway children’s playground. Don’t miss this fascinating journey through rail history!

Rail Museum

What to do at The Workshops Rail Museum

Step back in time and experience Australia’s railway history coming to life at The Workshops Rail Museum. This immersive cultural adventure takes you on a journey through the oldest railway workshops still in operation. Get ready to explore and interact with history like never before. All aboard for an unforgettable experience!

Step back in time at The Workshops Rail Museum and discover the incredible history of Australia’s railway system. Explore authentic buildings and immerse yourself in the gritty, hard-working world of our ancestors. It’s not just a museum – it’s an unforgettable experience that’s perfect for all ages and backgrounds. Come see for yourself why this unique location is a must-visit for anyone with a love of culture and history.


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